Welcome to Headwater Research LLC

Headwater is a focused team of highly experienced engineers, scientists, and technologists dedicated to inventing and developing significant technological breakthroughs that lead to high-value products and an improved standard of living. Our team focuses on fundamental technological advances that are more than simply improving the state of the art, but rather constitute entirely new ways of doing things to achieve desired results for technology consumers and market participants.

Mobile Industry

Enhancements to Mobile Operating Systems and Operating System Servers
The first Headwater Research (HWR) invention project to reach the mature licensing phase is our mobile device operating system and cloud technology portfolio. The technology in this portfolio is focused on the essential enhancements to mobile device operating systems (OS) and associated OS cloud servers that have enabled smart phones and tablets to provide efficient high-speed user data connections while the user has dozens of apps open and running on the phone. Before these enhancements were brought to market, the early wave of modern mobile operating systems that were fielded disrupted mobile network capacity, reliability, data speeds and battery life due to excessive and uncoordinated application network access demand. The inventions in this portfolio have made it possible for today's OS and OS cloud servers to properly manage application demand so that network capacity and reliability is protected, allowing mobile phone users to enjoy a high data rate, high quality connection experience. Although the portfolio is still growing, the technologies in the portfolio are in a mature phase of development and have enabled incorporation of a spin-out with an exciting new product line of smart service devices, cloud infrastructure and mobile services.

Cloud Technology

Enhancements to Mobile Network Services
The second HWR invention project to reach maturity and licensing is our smart mobile networking services portfolio. The technology in this portfolio is focused on the new wave of application-aware services now being deployed by mobile operators. This technology includes mobile device-based, cloud-based and network equipment-based network access management inventions for mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. This smart service technology invented by HWR has spawned a new mobile service provider market segment that allows operators to deploy sponsored application-specific services that are free of charge to users, and to deploy new service plans that allow users to purchase and manage cost-effective mobile connectivity for all their electronic devices. This portfolio is also growing rapidly and is now being licensed for global services and products.

Cloud Technology

Medical Devices

New Medical Devices
HWR also manages an invention portfolio comprising new advancements in medical devices. This portfolio includes improved accuracy for focused beam cancer radiation treatment, improved 3-D surgery imaging and improved accuracy for angioplasty systems. This portfolio is not yet licensed. HWR is managing additional inventions to be added to this portfolio and plans to support creation of another new company to commercialize its inventions in the medical device field.